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Annabelle Rathore Review 2021: Annabelle Rathore is a complete family movie, which means you won’t see any appropriately intimate scenes, or bloodshed, during this movie. The kind of story shown during this film is a story that we have seen in many films before. The Ghost Story is a reincarnation drama, revenge thriller comedy in which multiple characters are framed in a single frame.

Annabelle Rathore Review
Annabelle Rathore Review

The story is set in 1948 when a king built a palace for his wife Annabelle. Someone kills the king and queen and snatches the king’s luxurious palace. The story is of 2021 when Taapsee Pannu came to the palace which is no ordinary place as it is a place where many ghosts live.

Annabelle Rathore Movie Crew

  • Director Not Available
  • Producer Not Available
  • Story Not Available
  • Genre Drama
  • Screenplay Not Available
  • Season 1
  • Production Company Disney+ Hotstar
  • Online Streaming Disney+ Hotstar
  • Country India
  • Language Hindi

Annabelle Rathore Cast & Roles

  • Taapsee Pannu
  • Jagapathi Babu
  • Radikaa Sarathkumar
  • Vennela Kishore
  • Harshadaa Vijay

Taapsee Pannu belongs to a family of fraudsters who themselves fall under the guise of a fake appointment. They are taken to a huge and disused palace where ghosts actually reside.

Annabelle Rathore Review 2021

The man who brought them there wants Rudra and his parents and brothers to vacate the place of the souls. Instead, Rudra becomes committed to Mahal’s past and begins to wonder why R appears familiar to him. There are many ghosts in the king’s palace who want to attain salvation and in this mission, they take the help of Rudra. And finally, let’s see how (Rudra) Taapsee Pannu escapes from these ghosts. Most smiles stem from eternal glory and their encounters with the living. Using camera techniques and basic special effects, writer-director Deepak Sundararajan creates a haunted house that is more majestic than scary.

Talking about the dialogue, there is a lack of proper dialogue in the picture and the frightening situation is also the same. There is nothing new in the story of the film, which is why the film seems boring. Annabel Sethupathi is one of those comedy films which are not funny at all. The concept of the story is unique but not up to the mark of implementation.

The work of dubbing in Hindi did not work for me because there are many problems with it. The film manages to provide information as well as entertainment, but it fails to make us laugh. Coming to the conclusion, this film has disappointed us as there is nothing new in the story of this film, there have been unsuccessful attempts to show horror and comedy.

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